Jam Tunes 

Come join us for the next jam as it's such fun and we love adding new people. Below are songs we've played at past jams.  Hoping this helps everyone 'get on the same page' so-to-speak. 

Alberta, Alberta

Allons a Lafayette

Amede Two Step

Attencion (Be Careful You’re Breaking My Heart )

Bayou Chene

Bayou Pon Pon

Belezaire’s Waltz

Big Boy Waltz


Blues de Bosco

Bosco Stomp

Cher Elise

Cowboy Waltz

Danse Carrier

Eunice Two Step

Grandma’s Waltz

J’ai Passe Devant Ta Port (I Passed in Front of Your Door

J’ai Fai Une Grosse Erreur (I Made A Big Mistake)

J’ai Vu Le Lou, Le Renard Et La Belette

Jongle Moi

High Point Two Step

Hey Mom

Johnny Can’t Dance

Jolie Blon

Kaplan Waltz

Lacassine Special

La Pointe au Pin

La Porte En Arriere (The Back Door)

Love Bridge Waltz

Midland Two Step

Midnight Waltz Mulberry Branch Waltz (several variations on that title – Waltz of the Mulberry Limb, etc.)

Perrodin Two Step

Pine Grove Blues

Quand J’etais Pauvre (When I Was Poor)

Reel De Joi

Reno Waltz

Ton Papa, Ton Mana

Tout Les Soir

Veine Me Cherecher

Valse de Criminelle

Waltz of No Return

99 Year (Convict) Waltz