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Chicago Associate Chapter of the Cajun French Music Association


We are very excited to announce the formation of the Chicago associate chapter of the Cajun French Music Association, the premier body for the promotion of Cajun music and culture. This is the first chapter to be formed outside of Louisiana and Texas. We're still setting up shop, but already looking ahead to hosting and sponsoring events, and helping to bring musicians up to Chicago's legendary music scene. We need your help! By joining our chapter, you will be helping us to increase the opportunities to listen and dance to the music of Louisiana, learn about its culture, and share this wonderful treasure with friends.

Please visit the links to the left to learn more about the CFMA, and how to join our chapter. You can also find Monica's Chicagoland Cajun event list, previously only available by email.

You can contact us by following the "Contact" link to the left, or simply by sending email to info@chicagocajuns.org.

Please note our new mailing address:
Cajun French Music Association, Chicago Associate Chapter
c/o David Potterveld
700 Wenonah Ave
Oak Park, IL  60304

WE NOW HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE: www.facebook.com/ChicagoCajuns


PHOTO GALLERY: Take a look at the photos from Festivals Acadiens.
JAM TUNES: Click here for a list of tunes we've played at our jams.
MONICA'S EVENT LIST: [Last update: October 7, 2018]

Dance To Live Music:

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Future dates:

Music Jams:

CFMA music jam -  Sunday, Oct. 21st, 2-5pm
on: Spyner’s Pub, 4623 N. Western Avenue, Chicago

Come join us at Spyner’s Pub, 4623 N. Western Avenue, Chicago (on the southeast corner…look for the cobalt blue corner bldg. across the street from the 7-11) 2 to 5 pm.  Jam is held in the side room.  All songs are Cajun or Creole in nature.  EVERYONE welcome all levels from super beginners to master players.  Beginning of jam is at a little slower pace with jam ramping up as more advanced musicians join.  The jam is a wonderful way to practice with others and is great for guitar, fiddle and Cajun accordion students.  The bar is a stone’s throw from the Brown Line EL for those who don’t have a car.  If you don’t play an instrument but like Cajun music, feel free to enjoy a beer or cocktail and just listen.  Big thanks to jam-master supreme, Stewart, for continuing to coordinate these monthly jams.

Future dates:
  Sunday, November 4th, 2-5pm, at Spyner's Pub.

Other Items Of Note:


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This Week In Chicago has listings for "Swing, Lindy Hop, Blues, Honky Tonk, & West Coast Swing", and sometimes Cajun dance listings.

The Chicago Barn Dance Company holds weekly Barn dances (contra and square dances) to live music and calling.

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